Friday, September 3, 2010

Apple of My Eye (A Productive Procrastination)

I should be making things right now, gorgeous, beautiful things. But instead, I am collecting things. Putting together a series of beautiful items I found on Etsy with an autumn theme - apples! I love apples especially in the fall season. I love the smell of fresh apples at farmers' markets, I love candied apples, and who can resist freshly baked apple pie coming out of an oven? Yeah, with vanilla ice cream on top, too :)

So, how am I collecting these things? Why virtually of course. For a few hours, I am a gallery curator. Holding my own little art exhibit. It's called creating an Etsy Treasury.

A treasury, you say. Yes, another Etsy invention or distraction (should I say) which basically allows anyone in the Etsy community to curate a gallery. A collection of items which you pick from the hundreds of shops on Etsy. It is a great way to mark things you love, feature sellers you like, or even browse the Treasury Section of Etsy to find shops with the loveliest items.

So, here's the apple of my eye tonight!

Apple of My Eye

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