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The Story of Fine Heart

Architecture college encouraged me to continually invent things and build them with my own hands so that I could learn good design principles while learning to create well made tangible objects. We built furniture, lamps, stained glass pieces, embossed art, carved wood and on and on and on. I realized that creating boils down to having these two skills: a competence to determine the best materials to use and an expertise to construct so it lasts. And the object being beautiful is just the icing on the cake.

Ruby Gemstone & Pearl Bracelet
Ruby Gemstone & Pearl Bracelet

The ironic and blessed thing is that when I needed a lot of self care and therapy from too much stress designing and building homes as an architectural designer in the Virginia countryside, instead of pedicures and face masks (although I love those too), I turned to making jewelry as a way to relax. 

Designing the jewelry pieces satisfied the perpetual need to design something  functional yet beautiful and wire wrapping exquisite gemstones, pearls, crystals was the outlet which I found the most relaxing. Little did I know that this attempt at relaxation would turn into our online “empire” (what other word would you use? There’s an Etsy shop, a Facebook Page, Instagram, Pinterest, oh yeah an old Twitter handle, a neglected blog, a website, and now a You Tube Channel.)

Going Public

In 2005, with husband and pup in tow as the faithful roadies, we started selling the lovingly handmade jewelry at the local craft fairs, art markets and our all time favorite - the Virginia Wine Festivals. Soon after, gift boutiques and spas commissioned Fine Heart Jewelry. And to my delight and surprise, brides came in droves. They requested custom jewelry for themselves and their bridesmaids for the wedding, and also asked for precious thank you gifts for their moms, flower girls and lovely wedding planners.

Chandelier Earrings with Swarovski Crystals
Swarovski Crystal Chandelier Earrings
I realized that my new found love affair with making all things sparkly also met a need (or deep want) for many women who loved exquisite and thoughtfully designed arty yet everyday jewelry that reflected their own specially created and brilliant selves.

John Keats wrote "a thing of beauty is a joy forever..." and so we encourage you to spread beauty all around you. A genuine compliment, a grateful heart, a beautiful smile or a thoughtful handmade gift to someone who may need just that exact encouragement at that precise moment.

Why Fine Heart?

We will take care of you so well that we guarantee our work!

Satisfied Gifter

Artist Notes

Yes, we still love designing custom pieces for you. If you find a jewelry design in our shop and want to make it truly yours, we can change stones, crystal colors, metals, lengths of jewelry, clasps, earring closures fairly seamlessly (a true advantage to purchasing handmade).

Imagine gifting someone something that will make an impression and last a lifetime? We can recommend jewelry gifts for you if you are unsure. Just message us.

Going Online

In 2010, we made a conscious effort to sell mostly online (yes, my roadies quit) -- so that we can be extra focused on our lovely loyal online clientele. On occasion, we still do in person jewelry shows at private home jewelry parties, and sometimes by invite only art events.

Like you, we know being beautiful in a sundress and sipping wine while shopping at a festival is super fun, but being in pajamas and sipping wine while shopping is so much more therapeutic!

Freshwater Pearls & Swarovski Crystals
Freshwater Pearls & Swarovski Crystals

An Invitation

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