Friday, May 27, 2011

Rejection: A Great Motivator

Three stories of how being rejected made my online jewelry shop a much better shop.

Recently, I have achieved some success in my online jewelry shop on Etsy. Knowing I am in an extremely competitive category and realizing that dumb luck just doesn’t cut it online, I decided to take the time and analyze why and how I feel like I am finally getting some traction online. What did I do to get here?

It occurred to me that it all started with rejection. I was rejected by three different entities. Unknowns. People whom I have never met and will probably never know, rejected my shop in one way or another. What I realized about myself and rejection were golden.

Rejection is never easy to take. It could be a boyfriend who says no, a co-worker who won’t lunch with you, a boss who passed you over for a promotion, or a potential client who walks away. What I have learned is this: it is not who rejected you or even why they rejected you that is important.

What is important is HOW you handle the rejection. 

Rejection Story #1: How rejection made me mad and want to get even.

After working very hard on my online jewelry shop last year, I thought I was ready. My photos were attractive, my descriptions not only convinced but inspired, and my handmade jewelry line made me proud. I had developed my designs, techniques and honed my skills for seven years. Yes, I thought, I was ready.

Ready for what? You ask.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Ode To My Mom

My mom taught me how
to talk
to walk
to sing
to dance
to cook
to play nice
to worship
to be fun
to be who i am
to have a sense of humor - always

she claims not to be creative

but she encouraged me to draw
spent for my art supplies
got me an art tutor
supports all my artistic endeavors
encouraged me to become an architect
always loved all my creations
is my biggest cheerleader

to this day, she
loves all my jewelry creations
is my biggest fan on facebook
is my best art benefactor


since she is an amazing entrepreneur herself, she
gave me my mind for business 
my entrepreneurial spirit
my tendency to march to a different drummer
and my love for independence

in all reality, practically speaking, none of us would be here without our moms.

So, for my mom...

thank you

for birthing me
for caring for me
for loving me for who i am and who i am going to be
for being there for me always
and for being my biggest inspiration.

i love you.