Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Tale of Two Shops: Shop Two, Lesson Two

I started this series in December 2010 which I called “Everything I Know I Learned From the Etsy Forums “. As part of the series, I wanted to share two Etsy shops who inspired me and helped me - an Etsy ‘newbie’- find my way.

Here is the Prologue: from Everything I Know .... A Tale of Two Shops

and Part 1: A Tale of Two Shops: Shop One, Lesson One

A Tale of Two Shops: Shop Two, Lesson Two

“I’m a professional hooker.”

Those were the four little words which evoked such a huge emotional response from me that for the first time ever, I initiated a conversation (online) with a complete and total stranger.

This was the way Knotworkshop introduced herself in her Etsy Profile Page when I clicked to read about this very intriguing Etsy shop owner. I was thinking, "wow, this woman is nuts! But wow, she’s got real ... guts.”

I have always been a little timid to truly express myself so boldly in front of strangers. My husband could tell you that with him, I am a completely different creature. I am always funny, much more self confident and highly irreverent. To most of the rest of the world, I am much more POLITE.

I suppose you could blame it on years of practicing politics by being a middle child. Then, followed by being in a profession where I have to get many heads to agree in order to get something built. However, there is something about being able to say what you really think and to just express yourself no matter what, that truly attracts and intrigues me.

Knotworkshop’s forum posts were what drew me to her shop. It was her personality that made me want to know her and support her business. It was her non stop, laugh out loud, funny comments and sense of humor that entertained me and made me take notice. It was her very own unique voice which made me "click".

To me, Knotworkshop was like a Vegas ad - uncensored, all the time. But still, I could tell that what she wrote was what was out of heart and mind. She didn’t manipulate her Etsy Forum personality: she wasn’t a pleaser, and she did not hold back either. She had a strong voice and personality, and either you took it or you left it. She was just being, well quite frankly, herself.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Heartsy Exposure: Is It Worth It?

Have you crunched your Heartsy numbers?
An offer which can be too good to be true can be just that. Featured Heartsy shops have said that their views have increased enormously on the day of their feature. But for the practical minded, we ask, will you be making any profit from the Heartsy feature? Or is the Heartsy deal a loss leader but what you get in advertising will be enough for your time. If you don’t crunch your shop's real numbers, there is actual money that will be need to be spent at the end of your Heartsy feature which may end up coming out of your own pocket.

Here is an example:
Your Heartsy Deal is $18 for $45 = 60%

Average Sale Price for Items Sold in Your Shop is $40 (the current Etsy average)

Heartsy Deals You Commit To Sell is 50 Vouchers

Calculations for Example Above:
Pay Out by Heartsy
A. $18.00 x 50 vouchers = $900.00

Paypal Fees for being paid by Heartsy
B. $26.40 (A x 2.9% +.30 = B)

Items Shown Sold on Etsy (if no one buys over the voucher amount)
C. $45.00 x 50 vouchers = $2,250.00