Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Back in the (Blogging) Saddle Again

Long time no see. It’s been 14 months. “Where Do I Begin” comes to mind. YES, that sappy song from the 70's. First let me say, I am definitely back in the blogging saddle again. 

Last year, I was busy building things so this blog was the first thing that had to be sacrificed in order for me to actually get some sleep. The year before that, my own SEO (search engine optimization) advice worked so well, that my online jewelry sales went through the roof. So again, this blog became the red headed step child that was left by the wayside. (No offense to red heads or step children).

But like my Jack Russell Terrier who finds a way to gently nudge me for attention when he suddenly realizes that I am attached to my desk or computer and it may be hours before he sees another treat unless he takes things into his own paws, this blog kept tugging at me as well.

So I consider what I want to do this year (and the list is very long) for my little online empire: add more wedding jewelry sets, add a whole new line of jewelry designs, create a true e-commerce site independent of Etsy, advertise with the really really big (and scary) boys... and somehow, blogging made it back on the list. I realized that blogging was one of the things I did enjoy doing for my little online empire.

And as I write this post about being absent from blogging, a funny little thing happened. A "Moral of the Story" came to mind. Oh yes, dear reader, even in telling the sad little story about being absent from this blog, there is a Lesson to be Learned.

This blog post is specifically dedicated to MY people: also known as “the overachiever”. Yes, you. You know who you are. Don’t bother looking around the room, you know I am talking to you (or you wouldn't be reading a blog about making your online business better. Instead, you'd be on You Tube googling what Beyonce and Jay-Z did on stage at the Grammys).

I digress. As an overachiever, I have made this fun blog to be another one of my achievements which needed “over-I-zing”. Yes, I made that word up. What I mean is, I meant for this blog to be some loosey goosey thing which was supposed to update clients on new jewelry designs, give friends something fun to read since I don’t do well with keeping in touch, and then along the way happen to share some fun things I learned in opening an online shop. You know, something I can write a quick quip, have a few laughs and move on with my actual life.

Instead, the blog became “THE MARKETING ADVICE” column I dreaded, the Nightmare on Elm Street I abhored, and the Creature from the Blue Lagoon I did not want to meet.

Instead of fun, I felt the need to have to point out something online-shop-life altering. 
Instead of loosey goosey, I had to share something relevant. 
And, instead of interesting light updates, I had to lecture on subjects which I had to do lots of research, reading and verifying. 

Surprise. Surprise. 
Suddenly, I was no longer having fun. 
I had nothing relevant to add to the kazillion online debates. 
And, I had no time and/or was too exhausted from all the verifying. 

So, I did what most overachievers do who just get overwhelmed and tired. I STOPPED. Altogether.

Aside: Which by the way, I did know was the number one advice about starting a blog. When you start, don’t STOP.

So, what’s the Lesson Learned? If you are in overachiever, and you have placed a lot of rules and demands on yourself because you think it’s supposed to be that way. PAUSE.

Yes, just for a minute. And rethink your steps. That’s all. Just PAUSE.

Give yourself permission to pause, think, skip, even fail (just a little). Once in awhile, it is better to P A U S E than to completely STOP.

After you PAUSE, give yourself permission to redirect, rewrite the rules, re-evaluate and breathe. Maybe, even have some fun.

So today, I give myself permission.

Permission to post anything I want since it’s my blog. Permission to post fun things like recipes (since I am a huge foodie and cook), useful tips for marketing and SEO, or even once in a while, nonsensical things like pet tricks or people tricks too. And of course, post pictures of the reason I even have a little empire online  - the jewelry collection.

1. Sometimes, a slight PAUSE is better than a complete STOP.
2. Sometimes, a small SKIP is better than a complete MISS.
3. Taking a BREATH is good, but getting a good SMILE out is always OH so much better.