Thursday, November 10, 2011

3 Tips To Freshen Up Your Etsy Shop (or How to be Found Again)

If you just realized that you have clicked your refresh page button for your Etsy shop for the 10th time within the last hour, it is time to do something slightly more productive to get your online shop found again. Here are

3 Tips to Help Freshen Up Your Etsy Shop and Be Found Again

1. Add new items.
I know it has been said a million times. But really, add new items. If you are not selling, it is even more imperative to add new items in order to be found. Need to be convinced?

Scenario A
Someone is following your shop via Twitter, blogging, Facebook or just on Etsy in general. Think of this someone as your secret-admirer, internet-stalker type but in a good way. Then, you add something new to your shop. Now, this secret admirer will probably check out your new widget. Since they already like your stuff, they will most likely post it on their internet planet. In turn, their internet planet finds your shop. So now, you have connected with people who have not seen your stuff before.

Scenario B
Some Etsian is bored and is killing time by scrolling through the “Promote Your New Listings Here” threads which dot the Etsy Team worlds. (Yeah, you know you’ve done that once or twice). So now, you have something to add to those threads. Then, instead of someone else’s shop getting discovered by other bored Etsians, they are clicking on your link and checking your stuff out! Not to mention that your link creates a new relevant backlink to your shop which as we have discussed before is always a good thing.