Monday, March 22, 2010

The Etsy Shop Keeper's Dilema

Selling on Etsy is a very interesting experience. I had a high last month and quite a low this month. But, it always boils down to the same "thing" for me. Questioning my shop keeping techniques.

Am I doing the right thing with my Etsy Shop? Does it look professional? Am I making it the best and easiest shopping experience for my clientelle? Am I keeping them in my shop long enough so that they can see my best work? Intriguing questions, yet largely rhetorical. How ironic it is. This of course keeps me obsessing.

So, for this week's new obsession and improvement - question mark - this has yet to be shown as an improvement of course. New Earring Sections. I broke up my earring sections to a similar way of shopping from my original Fine Heart website.

So, introducing, on my Etsy shop - Shopping for Earrings by material category. Crystals or Bali Silver, Gemstones, Pearls or Shells.

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