Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day Dreaming and Designing A New Blog

As I sit here trying to add something new to my blog of life musings, I find myself wishing to be away. Far away. Actually Key West Florida away away. It is a hot 100+ degree day in this northern Virginia suburb of Washington DC and I am inside an air-conditioned coffee shop updating my long neglected blog. Yet, my mind wanders to a photograph of a boat on the ocean. A photograph which I took at a pier in Key West near the Mallory Square docks while my husband, Jack Russell Terrier and I were having a picnic lunch. It was just a quick bite to eat as we were expecting some unusual rainy weather that day. But, we were just holding out long enough to enjoy this beautiful, pristine, and serene view.

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful photo . . . I know what you mean about wanting to get away. We have a week booked in Mexico at the beginning of September and I can't wait. Love the new background on this blog, it's gorgeous.